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08/13/2018 / By JD Heyes

Okay, now the Left-wing social media censorship is just getting stupid. As we’ve been reporting now for months, social media

08/09/2018 / By JD Heyes

During his Thursday broadcast, Infowars founder Alex Jones said that the communist Chinese government was pressuring Apple to drop the

08/06/2018 / By JD Heyes

A leading Republican congressman laid down a gauntlet for American social media behemoths Google, Facebook, and YouTube over their ongoing

08/02/2018 / By JD Heyes

As Google and its video platform YouTube stand accused of censoring and shadow banning conservative and pro-Trump content in the

08/01/2018 / By JD Heyes

In the 1840s when the Oregon Trail was completed and hundreds of thousands of Americans began migrating West, the journey

07/25/2018 / By JD Heyes

As we have been regularly reporting, the social media giants — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google — have been systematically

07/23/2018 / By JD Heyes

In recent months several reports have surfaced in independent and conservative media that the social media giants — Facebook, Twitter,

07/18/2018 / By JD Heyes

Executives from the social media giants Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter appeared at a  House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to

07/17/2018 / By JD Heyes

The House held a hearing on the very obvious bias against conservative and pro-POTUS Trump media outlets being practiced by

07/05/2018 / By JD Heyes

Long-time readers know through our coverage of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy that the corrupt Justice Department recently tried to railroad