Tyranny News /tyrannynews Tyranny News - Tyranny Information Tue, 21 Feb 2017 15:34:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.2 Police go on strike as Brazil edges closer to total collapse /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-police-go-on-strike-as-brazil-edges-closer-to-total-collapse.html /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-police-go-on-strike-as-brazil-edges-closer-to-total-collapse.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 A police strike in the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo has finally come to an end after triggering a bloody crime wave, but government officials fear similar strikes and protests may now spread to other parts of the country.

The 10-day strike in Espirito Santo led to anarchy in the streets, with 147 homicides, 200 robberies or burglaries, and nearly $100 million in business losses being reported during the period. The number of murders in Espirito Santo during the 10-day strike exceeded that of the entire month of February 2016.

Police in Brazil are not legally allowed to go on strike, so the families of police officers in Espirito Santo formed protest groups outside police stations, preventing officers from leaving the premises or using their patrol cars.

From Breitbart:

“The family of police officers began preventing them from doing their work on February 4, arguing that the salaries of Espirito Santo officers, averaging $847.09 monthly, were the lowest in the nation, and not enough to sustain a family. Immediately after the strike began, the homicide and other violent crime rates skyrocketed. Three days into the strike, officials documented a 650-percent increase in homicides alone, and a 1000-percent increase in crime generally.”

Police officials announced they had reached an agreement with the government to go back to work on Saturday, and by Monday most had returned to their duties – but not before government officials were forced to send in 4,000 federal troops to quell the chaos, which involved looting, burning of buses, and the shutdown of schools, public transport, health facilities, and businesses.

People who ventured into the streets were robbed and there were reports of the random shooting and stabbing of citizens by armed thugs roaming Vitória, the capital city of Espirito Santo.

Fearing the protests could spread to Rio de Janeiro on the eve of Carnival festivities, that state’s government authorities have requested the deployment of federal troops to maintain order there.

From Merco Press:

“In a news conference Monday, Brazilian President Michel Temer called the police halt ‘an insurgency against the constitution’ and accepted Rio de Janeiro state’s request for troops to help police…

“Most Rio officers appeared to be at work on Monday despite suggestions they could launch a movement similar to the one that caused chaos in Espirito Santo.”

Rio state police officers say they have not received a pay raise in four years. They also report that their salaries have been delayed, but the government is expected to deposit part of that money into their accounts immediately.

Brazil is slipping towards economic and social collapse. The country’s current recession – the worst since the 1930s – continues to deepen while crime rates soar. Brazil’s homicide rate is more than six times higher than that of the United States, its government is mired in corruption and scandal while rival gangs are staging bloody prison riots and mass breakouts.

The recent ousting of President Dilma Rousseff marks the end of a thirteen-year reign by the left-of-center Workers’ Party, who were in office during Brazil’s boom years as a petroleum and commodities exporter – particularly to China, while that country’s spending on imports was at its peak.

In the space of a little more than a decade, Brazil has descended from its status of major global financial player to that of a nation teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. The current leadership has instituted austerity measures and announced a twenty-year freeze on social spending, but there’s little to suggest that things will improve as a result.

Meanwhile, the specter of anarchy continues to loom over Brazil, a country now facing a very dangerous and uncertain future.






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Treason: Shadow government in “All Out War” to bring down President Trump (and his supporters) /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-treason-shadow-government-in-all-out-war-to-bring-down-president-trump-and-his-supporters.html /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-treason-shadow-government-in-all-out-war-to-bring-down-president-trump-and-his-supporters.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 While the present news cycle is focusing on the forced resignation of Michael Flynn, as well as the reasons behind it, with “America’s spies” illegally divulging confidential information to the press, if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we see how America became a police state right under our noses, just as Independent Media has long warned, but were mocked and called “conspiracy theorists.”

(Article by Susan Duclos from Allnewspipeline.com)
Only now, every American has just been exposed to the truth of the “shadow government,” the “deep state,” whether referred to as the NWO, the Illuminati, whatever one chooses to label them… they exist, they are real, and they are attempting to take down America right now because Americans elected a man that is not controlled by them.


The Shadow Government” is described by Wikipedia as ” a family of conspiracy theories based on the notion that real and actual political power resides not with publicly elected representatives (for example, the United States Congress) but with private individuals who are exercising power behind the scenes, beyond the scrutiny of democratic institutions. According to this belief, the official elected government is in reality subservient to the shadow government who are the true executive power.”

Deep State redirects to State Within a State and is described as “a political situation in a country when an internal organ (“deep state”), such as the armed forces and civilian authorities (intelligence agencies, police, administrative agencies and branches of governmental bureaucracy), does not respond to the civilian political leadership. Although the state within the state can be conspiratorial in nature, the Deep State can also take the form of entrenched unelected career civil servants acting in a non-conspiratorial manner, to further their own interests (e.g. job security, enhanced power and authority, pursuit of ideological goals and objectives, and the general growth of their agency) and in opposition to the policies of elected officials, by obstructing, resisting and subverting the policies and directives of elected officials.”

I cannot count the number of times that we, and other Independent Media sites have been trolled and mocked when mentioning the “deep state” or called a “conspiracy theorist” when reporting that the “shadow government” has been controlling the U.S. for decades upon decades.

Even liberal writers with nothing but disdain for both President Trump and Michael Flynn, are now reporting that “the deep state” targeted “a man working in one of the political branches of the government by dishing to reporters about information it has gathered clandestinely,” while at the same time taking Democrats and liberals cheering the “political assassination” perpetrated by America’s spies, to task by writing “Those cheering the deep state torpedoing of Flynn are saying, in effect, that a police state is perfectly fine so long as it helps to bring down Trump.”

Eli Lake reports the following at Bloomberg:

Normally intercepts of U.S. officials and citizens are some of the most tightly held government secrets. This is for good reason. Selectively disclosing details of private conversations monitored by the FBI or NSA gives the permanent state the power to destroy reputations from the cloak of anonymity. This is what police states do.

In the past it was considered scandalous for senior U.S. officials to even request the identities of U.S. officials incidentally monitored by the government (normally they are redacted from intelligence reports). John Bolton’s nomination to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations was derailed in 2006 after the NSA confirmed he had made 10 such requests when he was Undersecretary of State for Arms Control in George W. Bush’s first term. The fact that the intercepts of Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak appear to have been widely distributed inside the government is a red flag.

The Deep State used classified information, with the full complicity of the MSM, specifically Washington Post and the New York Times, in order to declare all out war against President Trump, using information disseminated illegally, to carry our what is being dubbed as a “soft coup.”


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said on Tuesday that those who leaked the contents of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls “belong in jail.”

That was not hyperbole, as 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information, clearly states that those that “knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information,” – “Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

Nunes expands on the illegal nature of what America just witnessed, reported by Breitbart:

The chairman said there are only two ways that intelligence agencies can listen in on an American’s phone call — after obtaining a warrant, or inadvertently, such as in the case of Flynn speaking with a foreign official being spied on, which the report suggests was the case.

Nunes said “it’s pretty clear” that there was no warrant.

“It’s pretty clear that’s not the case,” he said. “I’m pretty sure the FBI didn’t have a warrant on Michael Flynn … To listen to an American’s phone call you would have to go to a court, there’d be all that paperwork there. So I’m guessing that doesn’t exist.”

In case Flynn was speaking to a foreign official — Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in this case — Nunes said there should have been a process to mask Flynn’s identity.

“Unless it’s a high-level national security issue, and then someone would have to unmask the name, someone at the highest levels, they’d have to unmask that name,” Nunes said. “It’s a very high threshold to unmask an American citizen’s name, that’s a very high threshold, almost unprecedented. And if you were going to unmask it, it seems like you would immediately go get a warrant.”

“If they did that, how does all that get out to the public which is another leak of classified information,” he added. “Whoever did it, it’s illegal.”

The Daily Mail reports that Trump is not taking this lying down and is launching “all-out war on his own intelligence agencies as he says malicious NSA and FBI leakers are ‘illegally’ giving out classified information to reporters ‘like candy’.”

As well he should.


President Trump has spend his first weeks attempting to keep his campaign promises and to fulfill his Contract with the American Voter, so his supporters already understand he meant what he said and he said what he meant, but right now, in the interest of national security, as one of those supporters, I respectfully suggest President Trump redirect his focus, back burner the rest of those campaign promises just long enough to “clean house.”

As we note from a Fox News report, cleaning house would not necessarily mean removing all members of the relevant departments, as the information in question was “highly restricted” as former NSA analyst Bill Binney asserts that “less than 100 [people would have access to the intelligence].”

“I think it is compartmentalized, meaning a small circle, less than 100 [people would have access to the intelligence],” Binney said. “They are supposed to minimize the American side. … All presumed U.S. citizens have rights under the Fourth Amendment.”

Nunes said the timing may be significant because the authorization to unmask Flynn was likely taken under the Obama administration, as the phone calls occurred in December. The committee chairman said the issue goes beyond politics because it is also undermining the relationship between a president and world leaders.

Not only did they overplay their hand and expose the truth of the Shadow Government and Deep State to every American and the world, vindicating everyone that warned the country of their existence, but the information they chose to reveal also considerably narrows down the search for who is behind the leak, and who is part of the Deep State, and they can follow the money to find out who is behind this shadow government, pulling the strings.


While the Flynn issue exposed them , as well as showing they violated the 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information law, the leaked phone calls between President Donald Trump and the leaders of Australia and Mexico shows they did not just spy on an American citizen with Flynn, but are actively spying on the President of the United States, presently.

That ladies and gentlemen, is treason.


Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Read more at: Allnewspipeline.com




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“Sleeper cell” Obama running shadow government op to discredit Natural News and other pro-Trump independent media /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-sleeper-cell-obama-running-shadow-government-op-to-discredit-natural-news-and-other-pro-trump-independent-media.html /tyrannynews/2017-02-17-sleeper-cell-obama-running-shadow-government-op-to-discredit-natural-news-and-other-pro-trump-independent-media.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 As reported yesterday, Natural News is being targeted for destruction by Media Matters and other anti-American operative groups who are trying to bring down the Trump administration by undermining his popular support.

As part of this campaign, I have personally been threatened and ordered to “destroy Alex Jones” or face a campaign of fake news smear articles targeting me personally as well as Natural News.

What’s now emerging is that Media Matters, a fascist, anti-American propaganda group with ties to George Soros, is plotting with Obama and his “shadow government” to target and destroy independent media publishing operations. We already know that Obama is a “sleeper cell” traitor of America who took active, deliberate steps to destroy this great nation from within.

Now, he’s part of a new effort to destroy the independent media journalists who defend America against domestic enemies. As revealed in the document below, Media Matters is pursuing a plan to “weaponize” their opposition research in order to “expose, discredit” and silence pro-Trump voices across the internet and social media.

The document is entitled Democracy Matters, Strategic Plan for Action, and it reveals the sinister new tactics of the left-wing media to discredit and destroy any people who support Donald Trump’s vision for America.

The document statements include:

In the next four years, Media Matters will continues its core mission of disarming right-wing misinformation, while leading the fight against the next generation of conservative disinformation: The proliferation of fake news and propaganda now threatening the country’s information ecosystem. Here’s what success will look like:

* Serial misinformers and right-wing propagandists inhabiting everything from social media to the highest levels of government will be exposed, discredited.

* Toxic alt-right social media-fueled harassment campaigns that silence dissent and poison our national discourse will be punished and halted.

… Shareblue will take back social media for Democrats. We will delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency by emboldening the opposition…

* Trump allies will be forced to step down or change course due to news pushed by Shareblue.

Media Matters will… “weaponize our research products to understand and take action against the changing media ecosystem and the extremists seeking to manipulate it…. Key alt-right figures will lose credibility and influence in response to our research and pressure.”

To carry out the threat, Media Matters has assembled a $13.4 million budget to hire a 34-person research team focused on the complete destruction of Trump supporters in the independent media.

Covert coordination with Obama’s “shadow government”

The existence of this “shadow government” operation is now well known across conservative and liberty-oriented media.

“Several intelligence insiders have come forward over the past few days to describe a ‘shadow government’ of Obama holdovers leaking information to derail the Trump presidency, with National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s resignation their first great success,” reports Breitbart News.

“There are even allegations that former President Barack Obama himself is actively involved, citing his establishment of a command center in Washington and continuing involvement with activist organizations.”

Even conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh now openly talks about the “deep state” apparatus and how it’s being weaponized and deployed in an attempt to bring down the Trump administration. From the Rush Limbaugh Show, February 15, 2017:

I want to now delve back into the specifics of what is going on in the deep state, the embedded bureaucracy, where the Obama shadow government is doing everything it can to overthrow the Trump presidency. And make no mistake that is what’s happening. And make no mistake that the media has thrown in with it. The media is now doing the bidding of the Obama shadow government…

A day earlier, Limbaugh revealed the viciousness of this operation, exposing how Obama’s shadow government directs the complicit media to threaten Trump and his supporters. From February 14, 2017:

Well, let me tell you what else is going on, though. This is just a fact of life. The establishment, not so much these embedded bureaucrats, but there are powerful, wealthy people whose names you don’t even know, who are at every level of the establishment. They’re in government, they’re outside of government. I will guarantee you… it’s common sense to me that Trump has already been given warnings, and the “what fors” and the “you better watch yourself” and “we’re only gonna let you go so far, if you get too close to home…”

Because this is, the establishment, these people run the world, not just Washington. These are the globalists that run the world, and they’re just not going to sit idly by while some guy that they don’t respect shows up and tries to dismantle it. And they will use implied threats, direct threats, going after Ivanka and the family, and leaking stories that Melania was a hooker, and all this stuff is out there. It’s vicious, vicious stuff.

This desperation on the part of the left-wing media and its deep state leakers is a result if the Democrat party imploding in the most recent elections. “The democrat party has ceased to function as an opposition force. The Democrat party really, without the assistance of the media, can’t stop anything. They don’t have the numbers,” says Limbaugh. “The Obama shadow government, the deep state and all of the leftist judges throughout our judiciary make up now the opposition to the portion of our country that believes in America as founded.”

Obama’s plan to start a civil war to stop Trump

Barack Obama is even planning on starting a civil war to overthrow Trump, reports InfoWars.

In an interview with Paul Sperry, Alex Jones reveals Obama’s dangerous, demented plan to unleash a violent civil war that ends with Trump being arrested, executed or removed from office.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, Obama’s “shadow government” deep state operation is part of “a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran.”

You may recall that Obama engaged in wildly illegal international money laundering to fly a cargo plane load of cash into Iran, handing them massive funding for the construction of nuclear weapons that Iran has promised to deploy against Israel. Part of “sleeper cell” Obama’s mission as President, of course, was to destroy America while providing funding for terrorist nations that exist as enemies of America.

“It’s easy to imagine players in a shadow government sticking together, imagining themselves as brave resistance fighters against the Trump tyranny, which only exists because Russia stole the election from Hillary Clinton. That’s a fantasy that has become absolutely pervasive in left-wing culture today,” writes Breitbart News.

In a New York Post article entitled, “How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency,” author Paul Sperry writes:

Obama has an army of agitators — numbering more than 30,000 — who will fight his Republican successor at every turn of his historic presidency. And Obama will command them from a bunker less than two miles from the White House.

He’s working behind the scenes to set up what will effectively be a shadow government to not only protect his threatened legacy, but to sabotage the incoming administration and its popular “America First” agenda.

Natural News and other independent media outlets in the crosshairs for organized smear assaults

Now it’s abundantly clear that Obama’s sabotage effort is not merely targeting Trump himself, but also targeting Trump’s supporters in the independent media. Hence the threats against Natural News, InfoWars, Breitbart and others.

“He’s doing it through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action,” writes the NY Post. “Since Donald Trump’s election, this little-known but well-funded protesting arm has beefed up staff and ramped up recruitment of young liberal activists, declaring on its website, ‘We’re not backing down.’ Determined to salvage Obama’s legacy, it’s drawing battle lines on immigration, ObamaCare, race relations and climate change.”

That’s why Natural News is target #1 for the left-wing hate groups that now run Obama’s shadow government that seeks the absolute destruction of America as we know it. We not only support Trump’s vision for America, we also expose the fake science fraud of climate change and the incredible failure of the Obamacare fiasco.

“Obama will be overseeing it all from a shadow White House located within two miles of Trump,” says the NY Post. “It features a mansion, which he’s fortifying with construction of a tall brick perimeter, and a nearby taxpayer-funded office with his own chief of staff and press secretary. Michelle Obama will also open an office there, along with the Obama Foundation.”

In essence, after losing the election, the hate-filled, anti-American Democrat party — now run by unhinged lunatics and advocates of terror-style violence against Trump supporters — have decided to go rogue and literally engage in acts of sedition and treason against the United States government while undermining Trump’s popular support with targeted attacks against outspoken pro-Trump publishers.

Why the Left will fail miserably

But I’ve got news for the libtards running all this: It won’t work. By attacking the independent media, all you do is strengthen our determination to defeat the anti-American traitors who will be identified, arrested and removed from power one by one.

President Trump isn’t backing down from his mission to defend America’s interests, and neither will we. Don’t be surprised if one day we see Barack Obama arrested for treason and charged with acts of sedition to overthrow the government. Yes, it’s a federal crime. And yes, Obama is guilty.

As I’ve also pointed out in another Natural News article, it’s also time to start arresting the traitors pretending to be journalists at the NYT, Washington Post and other fake news outlets that are actively conspiring to overthrow the United States Government. Hear my podcast at Health Ranger Report to learn more, or listen below.

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Hello world! /tyrannynews/2017-02-14-hello-world.html /tyrannynews/2017-02-14-hello-world.html#respond Tue, 14 Feb 2017 16:34:14 +0000 Welcome to Natural News Network. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Big Pharma tyranny: globalist group wants restrictions on natural health products /tyrannynews/2016-11-18-big-pharma-tyranny-globalist-group-wants-restrictions-on-natural-health-products.html /tyrannynews/2016-11-18-big-pharma-tyranny-globalist-group-wants-restrictions-on-natural-health-products.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Under the auspices of the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, the relentless move to a global harmonization of all food, medicine, trade, education, security, water, energy, borders and people is still moving forward, says The New American. The creators of Agenda 2030 have goals that include the eradication of all poverty, as well as a mandate to protect our planet from all degradation, which includes their faux global warming control schemes. This utopian regime also plans to provide every child with a fine tuned educational brainwashing to ensure future generations of government slaves. You can read about Agenda 2030, previously known as Agenda 21, here.

These deliberations and plans between United Nation signatories are agreements, not treaties. In a truthful world, the American people and the Congress would vote to either accept or reject the implementation of these programs. This may or may not occur. Yet, as portions of this agenda become public – like the globalist desire to restrict and/or control all natural health supplements – it is incumbent upon Americans to be informed and take appropriate actions to protect our freedoms, says Thelibertybeacon.com.

“It is time to speak up . . . we are not lab rats for the all mighty pharmaceutical industry and their sponsored (paid for) restrictions and regulations.”

The battle is bigger than the FDA, which has long given its allegiance to corporate and pharmaceutical interests instead of the people. This documentary, entitled “War on Health,” from health advocate Gary Null, sheds light on the FDA’s malfeasance.

You can think of the global consortium as a group of national regulatory agencies imbued with authority much like the FDA. Together, they are called the International Coalition for Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) and were organized in 2012.  The FDA is a standing member of the ICMRA, along with similar agencies from China, England, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland and Australia, among others.

The ICMRA believes that you – or anyone in the world – must not ingest anything for your health unless it’s a pharmaceutical, or some synthesized product owned and patented by Big Pharma. This means no medicinal herbs, no alternative medicines, no whole food vitamins, or anything raw and unadulterated from the medicine chest of the earth’s wisdom will be allowed.

This attack on our health freedom cannot be ignored. It is imperative to work against its implementation, as well as stock up on health supplements that have proven beneficial to you and your family.










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Undeniable tyranny: TSA beats a blind, deaf teenage girl to a bloody pulp while claiming to protect us all from terrorists /tyrannynews/2016-07-11-undeniable-tyranny-tsa-beats-a-blind-deaf-teenage-girl-to-a-bloody-pulp-while-claiming-to-protect-us-all-from-terrorists.html /tyrannynews/2016-07-11-undeniable-tyranny-tsa-beats-a-blind-deaf-teenage-girl-to-a-bloody-pulp-while-claiming-to-protect-us-all-from-terrorists.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Just when it seemed as though the federal government — and specifically the TSA — couldn’t sink any lower, news broke of what is quite possibly the corrupt organization’s most heinous offense to date.

In an absolutely heartbreaking, infuriating bit of news, the TSA reportedly physically assaulted a partially blind, partially deaf cancer patient whose brain tumor renders her easily confused and frightened. The story is just as horrific as it sounds and is sure to fill you with rage.

18-year-old Hannah Cohen and her mother, Shirley, were just wanting to return to their home in Chattanooga from the St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis when they entered the airport. While traveling through the security scanners, Hannah set off an alarm. Believing this to have been caused by her sequin-covered shirt, the teenager attempted to remove it, and was promptly slammed face-first into the ground by TSA agents, blooding her face in the process. Her mother was forced to watch helplessly as she was detained by airport security.

These are the people who are supposedly protecting us from terrorists. These power-hungry fascists who are abhorrent at their jobs continue to abuse their power by harming law-abiding American citizens. Everyone who was ever traveled by air seems to have their own horror story about having to deal with the TSA and the the stories are just getting more and more violent with every passing day.

This unjust tyranny must come to an end — and soon. Thankfully, all charges were dropped against Hannah, but that’s simply not good enough. Where are the charges against the TSA? How much longer will we allow them to get away with these gross obstructions of power?

The Cohens are currently seeking justice. Here’s hoping that they receive it. There are few things that sound more satisfying than a complete and total shutdown of the TSA — especially after this.





(Photo courtesy of Shirley Cohen)

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Rogue Government: Murdering ranchers for land, SWATTING innocent citizens… tyranny used to demand obedience at gunpoint /tyrannynews/2016-06-13-rogue-government-murdering-ranchers-for-land-swatting-innocent-citizens-tyranny-used-to-demand-obedience-at-gunpoint.html /tyrannynews/2016-06-13-rogue-government-murdering-ranchers-for-land-swatting-innocent-citizens-tyranny-used-to-demand-obedience-at-gunpoint.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 In America, the new reality is a growing police state that demands conformity, tolerates little dissent, and has completely forgotten how to talk rationally with its own people because it is so out of touch.

Here are just a couple recent examples, as documented by radio talk host Dave Hodges:

In a report from the New York Daily News earlier this month, if you become a student loan renegade you can now expect to be mauled and threatened by heavily armed federal agents acting at the behest of the nation’s newest law enforcement agency, the Department of Education:

Seven U.S. Marshals armed with automatic weapons arrested a Texas man for not paying a $1,500 student loan from three decades ago, he claims.

“They grabbed me, they threw me down,” the 48-year-old Paul Aker, a Houston resident, told the paper. “Local PD is just standing there.”

He said he got the loan in 1987 while attending Prairie View A&M college, and said he had not received any prior written collection notice from the government prior to the raid.

What’s more, Aker isn’t going to be the only one victimized. According to Fox 26, the U.S. Marshal’s service – which apparently has nothing better to do than to terrorize student loan criminals – plans to serve another 1,500 warrants.

A little much, you say? You’d be correct. As Hodges notes:

In America, Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs don’t pay taxes. Yet, well armed swat teams, from the Department of Education, now kick in doors and mug student loan defaulters and terrorize their young children.

He further noted that Kenneth Wright, from Stockton, California, was grabbed by his neck and dragged across his front law before being handcuffed while his three young children looked on before being put into a police car while officers searched his house.

“Acting on behalf of the Department of Education, the swat team damaged the house and have refused to properly repair the damage. Wright was held for over six hours before federal officials released him,” Hodges wrote.

His crime? You guessed it; student loan delinquency. But actually the agents and police were there for his estranged wife who was not at home at the time of the raid.

Hodges noted further the impetus for such liberal federal student loan policies:

The federal government has an extreme motivation to engage in predatory student lending for college tuition. The government is charging exorbitant interest, on a balance of $1 trillion dollars and for this kind of money, they will break your door down and terrorize you and your family. This is life in a police state.

There is also this. Successive congresses and presidents – most notably the past two presidents and their congresses – have amassed so much national debt that such drastic “bill collection practices” were inevitable.

When a government is $20 trillion in debt (and rising); when there are so many entitlement programs that nearly two-thirds of every federal budget is automatic mandatory spending; when the programs that need to be reformed or, better yet, eliminated or turned over to the private sector are so politically untouchable as to continue until the country collapses – then you get a government apparatus that is so desperate for every dime it can get it will use any resource available to it to ensure the bill is collected.

Just consider all of the resources the Bureau of Land Management allocated for the collection of back fees from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy in 2014. As NaturalNews and Newstarget editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, reported:

The federal government is out of control yet again, staging a heavily militarized siege of the Bundy cattle ranch in Nevada, where the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has decided to bring a literal army of heavily armed “soldiers” to intimidate the Bundy family and steal his hundreds of cattle.

“They’re carrying the same things a soldier would,” Clive Bundy told the Free Beacon. “Automatic weapons, sniper rifles, top communication, top surveillance equipment, lots of vehicles. It’s heavy soldier type equipment.”

Welcome to America 2016: Debt-ridden, panicking Police State.







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Small-scale tyranny: Town hall meetings across America filled with paid actors asking scripted questions /tyrannynews/2016-05-16-small-scale-tyranny-town-hall-meetings-across-america-filled-with-paid-actors-to-ask-scripted-questions-targeting-conservatives.html /tyrannynews/2016-05-16-small-scale-tyranny-town-hall-meetings-across-america-filled-with-paid-actors-to-ask-scripted-questions-targeting-conservatives.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Have you ever wondered how supposedly “ordinary American citizens” show up at the town hall meetings of political candidates for public office with such specific, if nerdy, policy-oriented questions, and wondered to yourself, “That’s a great question – how did that person come up with it?”

Well, the chances are good that that particular person didn’t come up with the question. In fact, it is increasingly likely that the question was provided to that person by someone’s campaign – either the candidate staging the town hall meeting or the campaign of a rival, if the question appeared to be an attempt to throw the candidate off-message.

As reported by Liberty Blitzkrieg, today’s high-profile political campaigns, which are covered breathlessly 24-7 by the legacy news media, employ paid actors to portray question-askers at political events with one of two specific goals in mind: To portray the candidate on stage in a good light or to try to make the candidate look weak or bad on a particular issue.

In addition, such actors are also part of what are euphemistically dubbed “rent-a-mobs,” in which people are paid to show up and “protest” something, giving it the feel of a legitimate and growing “movement.”

From a recent NBC News affiliate in California:

In Camarillo, citizens aren’t shy about expressing their opinions. But on a chilly Wednesday night in December, city officials say one man stood out. 

For nearly three minutes, Prince Jordan Tyson is on camera telling city leaders what he later admits, is a lie. 

In fact, Tyson, who is not from Camarillo, is a self described struggling actor from Beverly Hills and he now believes he was involved in a secretive new industry where actors are hired to try and sway public officials.

In this case, a construction project in Camarillo he says he was hired to criticize.

“It was scripted, they told me what to say,” Tyson told NBC4.

News organizations manipulate political events as well. As columnist and author Michelle Malkin noted in a January column, President Barack Obama is often a recipient of so-called “softball questions” at events that were coordinated by media.

She writes:

CNN will host a town hall with President Obama as part of his “final-year push to make gun control part of his legacy.” In addition to sitting down with liberal anchor Anderson Cooper, the network says Obama will “take questions from the audience.” 

Uh-oh. Get out your best pruning shears and trowels. In an age of micromanaged partisan stagecraft and left-wing media enablers, there is no such thing as a spontaneous question.

CNN has a long history of allowing political plants to flourish in its public forums.

Later that month, CNN managed to arrange softball questions for Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton. As reported by the Washington Examiner, as a two-hour town hall-style event features then-three Democratic candidates (Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley), the last question of the evening was for Clinton and it came from a young student identified as Brett Rosengren.

“I can see why they gave you this question,” he began, already implying that it was planted. “I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why.”

Clinton stammered for a bit of comic relief and then finally answers, “Abraham Lincoln.”


But many on social media caught the canned (and very easy) nature of the question and panned it, saying it sounded like it came from CNN.

In 2013 The Wall Street Journal reported that so-called drama at town halls are often based on scripts supplied to the players by activists:

Congressional town-hall meetings, a valued way for lawmakers to hear impromptu feedback from their constituents, are increasingly turning into a form of orchestrated theater—a platform for national political forces to advance their point of view.

Is it any wonder why the American people are revolting against the political class?







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‘My father was murdered today': U.S. citizen shot dead by federal agents while protesting kleptocratic government tyranny /tyrannynews/2016-02-22-my-father-was-murdered-today-u-s-citizen-shot-dead-by-federal-agents-while-protesting-kleptocratic-government-tyranny.html /tyrannynews/2016-02-22-my-father-was-murdered-today-u-s-citizen-shot-dead-by-federal-agents-while-protesting-kleptocratic-government-tyranny.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 An armed militia protesting the government’s unjust imprisonment of Nevada ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, as well as the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s unlawful takeover of private and state land, lost one of its members Tuesday afternoon in a shooting carried out by law enforcement.

The altercation occurred around 4:30 p.m. on U.S. Highway 395 about 20 miles outside of Burns, Ore. when the FBI and Oregon State Police attempted to pull over two vehicles carrying nine activists on their way to a community meeting north of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a federally owned site occupied by the militiamen since early January.

Police opened fire on the activists when one of the vehicles attempted to flee before crashing into a snow bank. Militia member Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, 55, who was driving the fleeing car, was fatally shot as he exited the crash in a submissive posture, holding his hands high in the air, according to witness testimony.

Police shoot two and arrest eight activists protesting government overreach

Ryan Bundy, 43, of Bunkerville, Nevada, the son of militia leader Cliven Bundy, suffered minor injuries after being struck in the shoulder with a bullet. Seven other militiamen, including Ammon Bundy, 40, of Emmett, Idaho, another militia leader, were arrested on felony charges of “conspiracy to impede federal officers from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation or threats,” NBC News is reporting.

Ryan W. Payne, 32, of Anaconda, Montana, Brian Cavalier, 44, of Bunkerville, Nevada, and Shawna J. Cox, 59, of Kanab, Utah, all were arrested on the same felony charges. Jon Eric Ritzheimer, 32, of Peoria, Ariz., turned himself in to police in his home state hours after the shooting.

Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy, 45, of Cottonwood, Ariz., and Pete Santilli, 50, of Cincinnati were later arrested in a separate but related incident. Santilli is a citizen journalist and host of TalkNetwork’s Off the Hook in the Morning who has been following the militiamen’s protest since its inception.

Government faces off with militiamen second time in two years

The government’s face-off with armed militiamen is the second of its kind in recent times. Nearly two years ago the federal government used the BLM to try and force rancher Bundy off his ancestors’ spread of land in Nevada.

The dispute between Bundy and the feds began more than 20 years ago when the BLM tried to strip him of “land-use rights his family spent a century earning,” reported the Las Vegas Sun. The federal government claims ownership over 84 percent of Nevada’s land and began enforcing taxes and fees on it nearly 150 years ago.

Bundy refused to pay the government’s grazing fees, leading to a standoff with the feds who eventually backed down facing a group of armed militiamen who surrounded the ranch in support of individual property rights. No one was killed or injured in that event – except Bundy’s cattle that were shot by the feds.

Victim’s daughter speaks out

The victim’s grief-stricken daughter quickly took to social media telling the world that her father was murdered. “I want the world to know how my father was murdered today. His hands were in the air and he was shot in the face by the American authorities. Ammon Bundy reported there are 6 witnesses to this evil,” she wrote.


“My dad was such a good good man, through and through,” 26-year-old Adrianna Finicum Brown, another of the victim’s children, told OregonLive. “He would never ever want to hurt somebody, but he does believe in defending freedom and he knew the risks involved.”

Victoria Sharp, who was in the vehicle with Finicum and several other activists, provided a firsthand account of the shootout, telling a citizen journalist that she and others were shot at and gassed repeatedly.

Sharp says she knew the traffic stop was a setup after noticing that snipers were hidden in the trees with their guns pointed at her and the other activists as they slowly exited the crashed vehicle. Around 40 police vehicles surrounded the scene, she added.

From the moment the activists were pulled over, none of them showed aggression or even so much as touched the weapons they were carrying, said Sharp, adding that they placed their hands outside the car window so police could see them.

After shooting Finicum six times, Sharp says the police unloaded at least 120 rounds into the vehicle as they hid on the floorboards, with the gun fire lasting five to ten minutes. Finicum is reported to have said “Shoot me, just shoot me” to police as he exited the car with his hands in the air.

“Then they shot him,” said Sharp, adding that his hands were still in the air as he fell to the ground.







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Methods for fighting back against collectivist tyranny /tyrannynews/2016-01-06-methods-for-fighting-back-against-collectivist-tyranny.html /tyrannynews/2016-01-06-methods-for-fighting-back-against-collectivist-tyranny.html#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 In any examination of historical precedence, it is easy to see that the sheer number of collectivist and tyrannical systems have far outweighed any experiments in individual liberty. I have explored the reasons for this in numerous articles, including recent pieces such as “How To Stamp Out Cultural Marxism In A Single Generation” and “The Tools Collectivists Use To Gain Power.” To summarize, there is a driving desire among weaker-minded people to seek control over other people in the name of arbitrary standards of safety as well as arbitrary standards of “civil” conformity. While such people proclaim publicly that they do what they do for the “greater good,” in reality they seek only to satiate a private lust for power. (Story by Brandon Smith, republished from Alt-Market.com.)

In the darkest corners of their souls, many people have personal aspirations to attain godhood in their own little worlds. And if they cannot achieve such godhood outright on their own, then they will join a mob with similar aspirations so that they can at least feel omnipotent through vicarious tyranny.

This is why collectivism and individualism are mutually exclusive. A collectivist uses force or manipulation to compel the masses to accept a society that follows his personal ideology. An individualist adheres only to the tenets of natural law and the non-aggression principle. He believes force is justified only when the personal liberties of an individual are threatened by others. And he demands that if he participates in any society, it be voluntary. Collectivism is society through coercion. Individualism promotes society through voluntary cooperation. The two philosophies cannot coexist.

I’ll say it again because there are some people out there with severe reading comprehension issues; the definition of collectivism requires the prioritization of the group over the rights of the individual. Collectivism by its very nature denies or destroys individualism and individual choice in this prioritization. Collectivism therefore requires the engineered organization of individuals predicated by COERCION, or force. Period. If a group organizes voluntarily, then it is NOT collectivist. If a group is organized through force and manipulation, then it IS collectivist. Period. Bananas are yellow. Oranges are orange. The sky is blue. Two plus two equals four. And, collectivism compels participation by force, while voluntary community does not.

There is no rational debate to be made against this clear dichotomy. It is truly amazing how some folks cannot seem to grasp the very obvious difference between collectivism and voluntary community; the same people that will likely still attempt to argue that collectivism and individualism are “not mutually exclusive” after reading this very article.

I certainly would never make the claim that most collectivists are intelligent…

The collectivist threat is not merely due to environmental factors alone. As the psychologist Carl Jung outlined in his collected papers titled “The Undiscovered Self,” at any given point in history at least 10% of the human population has inherent (but often latent) psychopathic tendencies. Less than 1% of these people will actually act out their full psychopathy under stable social conditions. However, in times of great distress or political and economic upheaval, the psychopathic 10% are given a kind of playground in which to let the devil out; Jung called this the “collective shadow.”

As I have explained in the past, these are the “useful idiots” within any society. They are the reason why there will never be a time now or in the future in which collectivist oppression will not be a potential threat, and why individualists will have to remain forever on guard. That said, they are only a part of the bigger problem. In almost every instance of mass tragedy or despotic government, an elitist minority pulls the strings of the useful idiots, aiming them like a shotgun at individualists in order to clear a path for total centralization. The elites are another horror altogether.

These are the men and women who EMBRACE their psychopathy. It is not latent or subconscious; it is a fully integrated and accepted part of their psychological life. They have found that psychopathy can be an effective tool for gaining power and influence when average people around them are less vigilant or less confrontational due to fear or apathy. And contrary to popular belief, psychopaths CONSTANTLY organize into effective working groups, some of them vast and global in scope, as long as there is the promise of mutual benefit involved.

This is not to say that they organize around “gain” alone. Elitists have their own pervasive ideology and their own rationalizations for seeking control of others.

They see themselves as “philosopher kings” as described in Plato’s ‘Republic,’ exemplary and “special” people who are born with the inherent genetic capacity to rule over the masses with the utmost clarity. They believe they know what is best not only for you, but for the human experiment in total. Their goal is to construct a sociopolitical apparatus that will allow them to have complete overreaching influence over every aspect of every individual life, up to and including the erasure of that life if they think it serves their ends.

“…You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner…” George Bernard Shaw, Fabian socialist, from ‘The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism’

“My conclusion is that a scientific society can be stable given certain conditions. The first of these is a single government of the whole world, possessing a monopoly of armed force and therefore able to enforce peace. The second condition is a general diffusion of prosperity, so that there is no occasion for envy of one part of the world by another. The third condition (which supposes the second fulfilled) is a low birth rate everywhere, so that the population of the world becomes stationary, or nearly so. The fourth condition is the provision for individual initiative both in work and in play, and the greatest diffusion of power compatible with maintaining the necessary political and economic framework.”Bertrand Russell, member of the Fabian Society, from ‘The Impact Of Science On Society'(Note: Russell believed that individuals should be given at least the illusion of choice within minor aspects of society in order to maintain their willing participation.)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. … [I]t remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.”Edward Bernays, father of modern propaganda, from ‘Propaganda’

Elitists are rarely as open about their true intentions as the men quoted above. They often entice the public with fantastical promises if collectivist systems are supported, including: equality of wealth and prosperity; reduction of labor and increases in leisure time; incredible technological advances; universal education; universal healthcare; the end of nationalism, resulting in the end of war, resulting in infinite global peace; etc.

When they are not able to sell the public on a particular aspect of collectivism, they will create artificial divisions and artificial crises in order to engineer chaos. As per the Hegelian dialectic, when we are thoroughly tenderized by fear and disaster, the elites return to the scene with a “solution” to their original crime, a solution that usually involves more collectivism.

So how do individualists fight back against collectivism, elitists and the useful idiots they exploit? Here are some practical strategies that anyone can employ in his daily life.

Stop Participating In False Paradigms

Yes, in the everyday world there are leftists and right wingers, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats. People subscribe to particular ideologies and philosophies backed by fundamental differences in belief. These divisions between regular people are indeed real. However, it is important to realize that at the gatekeeper level in these systems, the leadership in both parties subscribe to the same goals. They are not divided. They are part of the elitist structure. And while their rhetoric differs cosmetically, in policy and in action they will always work to destroy individual liberty and promote collectivism, whether they claim to be on the right or the left.

This reality also applies to supposed conflicts between nations. If two nations appear to be at odds with each other, yet the leadership of each nation remains in league with the same international elitists (bankers, Fabians, globalists, etc.), then their conflict is a sham designed as theater for the masses.

Refuse to participate in false paradigms. Point out the inconsistencies of BOTH parties or sides and identify how each works against individualism and toward collectivism. Do not affiliate with any group or institution that has a demonstrated history of antagonism towards individual freedom or that partners with known collectivist (globalist) organizations and frontmen. If you are going to fight for any side, make sure it truly represents liberty through its actions and associations. Rhetoric is meaningless.

Decouple From Dependency On Corrupt Systems

As our economic situation becomes more and more dire, people are much more apt to become dependent on the system for survival, and this is an intentional result. I would not expect, for example, that the 94 million people in the U.S. who have been unemployed for so long they are no longer counted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics should refrain from government aid or cut themselves off from welfare measures and become immediately self-reliant. They should, however, consider working toward that goal over time; and so should everyone else.

This is not quite as impossible as it seems. Can you produce or repair items that act as survival necessities? Can you teach a necessary skill? If so, then you are already well on your way to independence. Once you have a necessary skill, trade is possible outside the controlled economic framework. The more individuals involved in an alternative economy, the more diversity of skill sets will be available and the more prosperous that voluntary community will become.

The ultimate achievement in my view would be similar in aspects to the American agrarian models of the past with the integration of helpful technology: completely voluntary communities in which free trade is the foundation; the existence of grid water and grid power is unnecessary; food production is local and ample rather than reliant on national or international freight systems and the artificial scarcity of corporate farming models; and security is provided by each individual for himself, as well as for the community, through voluntary neighborhood watches or militias.

All of this starts with each individual taking action to become a producer, rather than a wage slave or welfare slave.

Organize Locally With People Of Like Mind

Again, organizing voluntarily is counter to collectivism. Collectivist systems cannot be defeated unless you are willing to establish a competing model that works better while maintaining freedom. This is not hard to do, considering collectivist models are failure-driven machines that devour people and use them as fuel to move society as a whole towards a “greater good” which is neither great nor good.

As outlined above, independent localism is the answer. It is a voluntary structure that encourages self-reliance and preparedness, while making production and innovation the mainstays of a healthy society. It rewards personal success and achievement, rather than punishing it. And, it helps a larger percentage of wealth to keep cycling locally, rather than being siphoned out of communities by governments or government-chartered and protected corporations.

Localism always starts small, with families, friends and neighbors. But as your organization continues to make life better for those involved, it will inevitably attract more participants. The redundancy of localized economies would also protect people from economic collapse. In fact, without the forced interdependency of centralized collectivist economic models, large scale financial crises would probably become a thing of the past.

Educate Children Privately

I’ve been saying it a lot lately, and I’ll say it again: Public schooling as it stands today is an apparatus for brainwashing, nothing more. With the dismal world ranking of U.S. students in math, science and reading, I hardly see what service public education is actually performing in America. The only service public schools do seem to excel at is indoctrination, with children now being immersed in collectivist lessons through Common Core and being conditioned into pacifism and fear through insane zero-tolerance policies.

The only working solutions available for parents today are to decouple from the federally dominated public school system and place their children in a well-vetted private school or to home-school. Any sacrifice, financial or otherwise, is worth it to save American children from a vicious system of propaganda and conditioning that could conceivably suppress their individualism and warp them into collectivist monsters.

Arm And Train For Self-Defense

I think it should be pretty obvious that there is a simple reason behind the collectivist habit of attempting to disarm common people: Armed people are harder to manage or control. If an armed population was not a threat to collectivists then they would not keep trying to disarm everyone. Therefore, if you are not armed and trained in self-defense, then you are not a threat to collectivists.

You can be the most brilliant of thinkers with pristine logic and truth on your side; but without the means and ability to destroy an attacker or tyrant, you are nothing in the grand scheme. Intellectual warriors are not really warriors. And as a writer, I will say in all honesty that the threat of the pen is not mightier than the threat of the sword.

Keep in mind, though, that it is not enough to merely purchase a firearm or shoot at the range. Team tactics and training are essential for free people, which is why they are so admonished by collectivist elements in our society. Train with friends and family or with your Community Preparedness Team, as I do through Oath Keepers; but learn tactical methodologies and how to fight with others. Present a viable danger to collectivists, or be subsumed by them.

Remove The Elitist Hierarchy

Eventually, the fight between individualism and collectivism will become physical rather than informational. There is no way around it. The more individuals begin to decouple from the corrupt system and construct their own alternative framework, the more violent collectivists will turn in response. The virtue of self-defense requires that tyrants be cut off from their means to project violence onto others.

While it is impossible to stop the inherent nature of psychopathy other than to participate in communities where psychopaths are not welcome or encouraged, there is the matter of organized elitism to deal with.

Any fight for freedom from collectivists will require the removal of command and control. This is the only way that humanity can be given breathing room to rebuild without remaining under constant preplanned threat. There are, in fact, many organizations that openly work toward collectivist oligarchy, from central banks (this means central bankers in ALL nations, not just in the West), to the Council On Foreign Relations, to Tavistock, to the Rand Corporation, to the International Monetary Fund or the Bank for International Settlements, to Bilderberg, to the Fabian Society, etc. These institutions need to be dismantled by any means necessary and the participants removed from positions of control. Make no mistake; it will take a war before such people give up the reins of power. This is the inevitable cost of individualism and the inevitable cost of freedom.

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