Maryland Democrat now calling gun owners “terrorists” in latest escalation against the Bill of Rights and American patriots

American Leftists who have taken over the Democrat Party are revealing themselves to be no different from Leftists in banana republics and other despotic regimes around the world throughout history.

Authoritarian and anti-liberty, they seek to impose their will on the people through the use of regulatory agencies and the courts if they can’t persuade enough people to vote them into power. If they do happen to win an electoral majority, they use the power they have been given to quash anyone who opposes them.

The People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland provides a great example of this kind of Leftist tyranny. Frustrated by the lack of progress in disarming a greater number of residents, Democrats there have now resorted to calling gun owners “terrorists” in an effort to demonize them and, thus, make it easier to thwart the Second Amendment.

As reported by Ammoland, a story earlier this week in a news aggregation service called the WashCo Chronicle carried this headline: “Maryland ‘Gun Bill Day’ Turns Ugly — State Dem Secretary Threatens to ‘Dox’ Protesters,” which quoted Democratic Party secretary Robbie Leonard’s Facebook posts in which he referred to gun owners as “terrorists” and threatened to “dox” them.

The post, which has since been deleted (WashCo Chronicle managed to get some screen shots and published them with their article), contained a picture of a male gun owner outside of a state legislative hearing on guns holding a sign that read, “I will not comply,” as well as a picture of several other gun owners who wore shirts with the same message.

Leonard posted, “Time to dox some terrorists,” adding: “I hope the FBI runs the name of every witness who is wearing a t-shirt that says ‘we will not comply.’ They’re a bunch of terrorists in the making.”

As Ammoland noted:

“Terrorists” like the untold numbers in California, Connecticut, and New York who have refused to register their so-called “assault weapons,” no doubt. Other edicts in other states have met similar resistance, and don’t be surprised to see further defiance when the “Trumpstock” ban takes effect later this month.

Gun ‘sanctuaries’

In fact, using Leonard’s standard, our founding fathers would have also been considered “terrorists” for standing up against Britain’s King George and his tyrannical rule — with guns, no less. Leonard, had he lived back then, no doubt would have been a “loyalist” to the Crown. 

The so-called gun-related ‘terrorism’ and ‘lawlessness’ isn’t limited to opposing new gun control bills in Dem-controlled Maryland. Other Democratic strongholds where the Left is attempting to further infringe upon the Second Amendment are also facing pushback from citizens and law enforcement officers.

In Washington, for instance, nearly two dozen sheriffs have stated they would refuse to enforce provisions of a new voter-approved law, I-1639, at least until court challenges are heard because they believe it places unconstitutional requirements on citizens. For example, the law requires residents to get firearms training before they can buy a gun, and to store it in a certain manner. Also, the law forbids anyone from buying a rifle under the age of 21 (the federal limit is 18).

And, speaking of lawlessness, other sheriffs are taking a page from the Democratic Left and declaring their counties to be “gun law sanctuaries” similar to illegal alien “sanctuary cities,” in which local officials have forbidden their law enforcers to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in handing over people in our country illegally. (Related: Beyond 2020: Trump’s next big immigration fight will be dealing with ‘sanctuary cities.’)

American Leftists are no different from Leftist authoritarians in other countries — they use their power to deprive others of freedom and liberty if they deem such freedoms to be counterproductive to their agenda. 

But as we can see, American ‘terrorists’ are pushing back.

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