Anti-gun nuts would rather see the New Zealand massacre DOUBLED in size, than watch a would-be victim defend the innocent with a handgun

Almost immediately after global news headlines started claiming that an Australian man had murdered several dozen Muslims while they were worshiping inside their mosques in New Zealand, Democrat Alexandria Occasional-Cortex (A.O.C.) from New York began running her mouth in condemnation of people’s “thoughts and prayers” about the incident, while simultaneously blaming the National Rifle Association (N.R.A.), an American gun rights organization, for this tragedy that occurred on the opposite side of the globe.

Responding to statements of concern and support made by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern following the incident, A.O.C. immediately started spewing all of the typical Leftist rhetoric about how thoughts and prayers aren’t enough, and that the Second Amendment here in the United States needs to be scrapped in order to somehow stop acts of gun violence that occur in countries thousands of miles away from us.

After receiving backlash for her criticism of Ardern, A.O.C. tried to backtrack and claim that she was actually talking about the N.R.A. – which, again, still makes no sense since the N.R.A. exists in the U.S., and has nothing to do with anything that happens in New Zealand or anywhere else outside of our nation’s borders.

But such hoof-in-mouth commentary by A.O.C. is nothing new, as the bug-eyed psychopath routinely spouts off nonsense that she thinks makes herself sound smart, when in fact it shows that she’s bat-poop crazy in nearly every regard.

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Where is A.O.C.’s praise for the armed man in the second mosque who scared the shooter away?

Another piece of pertinent information that’s largely remiss from mainstream media reporting is the fact that a gun actually prevented more people from dying at these New Zealand mosques. An armed person at one of the mosques in the Linwood area of Christchurch reportedly shot back at what the media is now referring to as the shooters, plural, firing two shots at them with “a rifle or shotgun” as they fled the scene.

Thus far, A.O.C. has yet to tweet about how this armed individual actually helped to prevent a much worse tragedy from unfolding – and neither have any politicians or political activists in New Zealand who support the nation’s strong anti-gun policies.

It’s important to remember that New Zealand has strict gun laws that, once again, were flouted by an individual or group of individuals that couldn’t care less about gun law. Heck, they clearly didn’t care about murder laws, either, considering they broke this law when they shot up some 49 innocent people who, ironically enough, were praying – you know, that thing A.O.C. thinks is useless – when they were shot and killed by the alleged shooter(s).

The stupidity of it all is enough to drive a normal person mad. But to the masses of mindless, Leftist drones who just eat this kind of stuff up, this latest false flag incident is more than enough “proof” that white people, Trump supporters, and guns need to go – even though the massacre likely would have doubled in size, had the armed man not been present to put a stop to all the carnage.

Perhaps a higher body count is what Leftists actually want, seeing as how the alleged shooter, Brenton Tarrant, is a self-avowed Leftist who worships communism and labels himself a militant “eco-fascist.” These are all prominent Leftist values, are they not?

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