Reparations pushed by AOC and Kamala Harris are essentially a “white tax” that punishes people for the way they are born

Judging people and treating them differently than others based solely on the color of their skin is a textbook example of the type of racism that Leftist Democrats vehemently oppose as a matter of moral and ethical principle – except if your skin is white, of course.

The liberal mob sees absolutely nothing wrong with, and even actively encourages, treating white people as second-class citizens because doing so is their way of creating “equality” throughout society – even though judging people for the way they were born doesn’t apply to brown and black people, nor does it apply to the LGBT mafia, which we’re all told were “born that way.”

Twenty-twenty presidential wannabes Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) are two prominent examples of how modern-day Leftists have somehow convinced themselves that being racist against white people is a “moral virtue,” as they push for reparations to “right the wrongs of the past.”

During a recent interview, Harris, a black woman who slept her way to the top, told reporters that she supports “some type of” reparations to black Americans as restitution for slavery.

Not long after, AOC, a Hispanic woman who can barely form a cogent thought, parroted these sentiments. She told reporters that white people are basically Nazis, and that they owe not just blacks, but also Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, reparations because white people are inherently “privileged,” in her view.

These two Democratic hopefuls are both unabashed racists who hate white people, and what they’re calling for amounts to a “white tax” that punishes white people simply for having the “wrong” color skin – in other words, they’re embracing the very same type of racism that they claim to be fighting.

But it’s apparently politically correct to hold such positions in America in 2019, as hating white people is now “cool” and “trendy” among “progressives,” who’ve deluded themselves into believing that fighting racism with more racism is a moral imperative.

Never mind the fact that millions of white Americans living in America today have no legacy of involvement whatsoever with slavery. To these anti-white Leftists, if you have white skin, you’re basically still a slave-owner, and you owe it to all the browns and blacks around you to hand over your money as payment for being white.

If you’re white, the Democrats want you DEAD

Everywhere you look in America today, anti-white racism is not only being embraced, but also normalized and even institutionalized. Most college and university campuses are now shamelessly anti-white, as are mainstream media news outlets like The New York Times (NYT), which hired an openly anti-white Asian woman named Sarah Jeong to be one of the failing fake news outlet’s lead editors.

For even mentioning the fact that anti-white racism is escalating in America today, white people are typically further denigrated and accused of being racists themselves – because apparently defending oneself against racism as a white person is in and of itself an act of racism, according to deranged Leftists.

The moral of the story is that you can’t win as a white person. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t, because the fact of the matter is this: Leftist Democrats hate white people, and want to see them completely eliminated from society through unlimited illegal immigration and various other social engineering programs aimed at replacing whites with people that have colored skin.

“It’s not hard to guess where ideas like that wind up,” commented Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson during a recent segment on anti-white racism, highlighting the ridiculous Leftist notion that it’s “impossible to be racist to a white person.”

“There are plenty examples in history of what happens when people start thinking this way,” Tucker added. “And they’re all sad. It’s awful. And yet this is the mindset that the left has imposed on our country. It’s an attitude designed to dehumanize the individual, to erase what makes each of us interesting and distinct and vital and reduce us to faceless members of a group. It’s totalitarian. We ought to resist it with everything we have.”

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